Coaching is used as a tool to initiate change in organisations and people.

Based on assessment results, KR Consulting offers Coaching to individuals, managers, leaders and teams to enhance their performance and development. Individual one on one coaching sessions are scheduled either face to face, phone or skype call.

The coaching relationship is unique because it requires the coaching partner to support the individual to reach his or her goals. We take pride in our responsibility to build and maintain these special relationships.

KRC offers coaching for the following areas for one-on-one clients and corporates:

• Career Development
• Executive Coaching
• Emotional Intelligence
• Self Development/Personal Growth and Self Mastery
• Self Esteem, Confidence, Assertiveness
• Managing Stress, Anxiety, burnout
• Leadership and Development

The journey that brings one to this site usually begins with the first thought that change is needed within an organization. Maybe it is driven by an individual’s need to change, maybe to improve team effectiveness, or to ease an impending transition.

The recognition of these motivations is significant because they signify the fundamental difference between the role of a Leader and the role of the Manager.

A Leader is someone people choose to follow to a place that they would not have gone on their own; someone who moves people from one paradigm to another paradigm by changing people’s thinking; and aligns strategy and people by gaining trust to help them change.

Through our business team coaching, our coaching partner can help your organization create a strengths-based culture—where each individual is in a position that matches their greatest strengths and skills. This nurtures purpose, trust, and the complete participation of team members, it supports mutual responsibility and accountability. And it inspires continuous learning, realisation of individual and organizational goals and improved communication.

“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

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